Child Grief

This is not a subject which we look forward to addressing; however, it is a normal part of our life cycle and will eventually impact every troop or pack in some way.  When it does, what we do or don't do can have a tremendous impact on the boys involved, and in the healing process which follows.   Some have suggested that a child's grief experience is very much like wet cement, easily formed.  After the cement dries, however; change is more resistant and post tramatic symptoms may develop.  The advice here is "do something quickly".   The references below will aid you in understanding how you, as a non-clinician, can help.   I have not previewed all the books which follow; however, each has been recommended by authors writing about this subject.  (source: KidsPeace Healing Mag.)

Grieving Child: A Parent's Guide
- Practical, compassionate advice for helping a child cope with the death of a parent or loved one.  Parents and other caring adults will find much guidance in helping preschool age to teenage children through this difficult time.
Life & Loss; A Guide to Help Grieving Children - Linda Goldman shows a sensitivity toward the many loss and grief issues which our children often face.     Linda offers presented a loving approach to helping children face some of life's most difficult issues.  Professionals and non-professionals alike will benefit from this book.

Death Is Hard to Live with: Teenagers Talk about how They Cope with Loss - Learning to cope with grief is especially hard for teenagers.  This book covers loss of family and peers, equipping teens to face loss and positively move on with life. 
Breaking the Silence a Guide to Help Children with Complicated Grief: Suicide, Homicide, Aids, Violence - This book, by Linda Goldman, deals with grief which is stems from more complex issues.  Each of these are explained in her book, and there are many references for more support and information.

Death & the Classroom: A Teacher's Guide to Assist Grieving Students - This is principally a teacher's guide which guides work through a death in the classroom.  This guide may be useful in helping with a similar event within a troop or pack.
Grief Comes to Class: A Teacher's Guide - Majel Gliko-Braden has written a practical book which helps parents and other caring adults to help a grieving child.

Teaching Students about Death: A Comprehensive Resource for Educators & Parents - A  resource for explaining childhood breavement in the school setting.   This book is a complilation of contributions of many professionals, from many specialties.
When Grief Visits School; Organizing a Successful Response - Written by John Dudley, this book is recommended for school districts who desire to establish and train crisis intervention teams to handle grief producing tragedies.

"My Memory Book: A Journal for Grieving Children" - Chi Rho Press, P.O. Box 7864, Gaithersburg MD 20890 - (301) 926-1208 - $10.95 (+ $2.50 S/H) - Gretchen Gaines-Lane helps grieving children (from a loss of a loved one such as a parent) through a series of exercises including drawings, story writing, collage and journaling.  Note - this is out of print - try for a used copy.