Counseling and Parental Helps

Children & Divorce: What to Expect, how to Help
- This book, by Dr. Archibald D. Hart, gives us a view into the lives of children whose parents are undergoing a divorce.  The book suggests ways to minimize the damage to children and is a valuable resource for both parents and Scouters in today's world.  Another tool in our tool chest to help boys (and girls) through this damaging event.

The Way They Learn - This book, by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias, helps us to discover learning styles and how to teach to our child's strengths.  Not all children can process and organize information using the same methods.  The author suggests learning styles which are based on  either concrete or abstract perception skills, and either random or sequential ordering skills.  Knowing how your child learns can help you to maximize the success that they have in school.  The book also details the potential problems when teacher/child learning methods clash.  A valuable resource for parents and Scouters trying to make sense out of children with differing learning skills.

Seven Kinds of Smart: Identifying & Developing Your Many Intelligences - Thomas Armstrong takes a different approach in determining learning skills.  Even though our schools may frequently overlook them, there are many different ways that kids can be smart.  The author lists Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal strengths.  Each of these are explored.  The author suggests ways to determine which strengths are present and how to fully develop each.  The book is an interesting look into this subject and can be helpful for parents and Counselors dealing with children who may be struggling with the conventional learning environment.

Counseling in Times of Crisis - A resource for Christian Counseling in a "How To Do" Approach.  This book gives practical advice for counseling during times of crisis.  Although the book is not specifically geared to children, it gives valuable insights into crisis situations.  A valuable adjunct to our counseling tools.

Life Space Intervention - This book, by Mary Wood and Nicholas Long, details a technique for working with troubled or troubling children and adolescents.   Conventional methods of intervention can actually serve to escalate the crisis situation or to reinforce negative feelings.  Life Space Intervention techniques builds on the strengths of the child, and uses the crisis as a learning experience.   LSCI is a strategy for dealing with youth crisis situations which are on the rise in today's society.
Pastoral Care for Survivors of Family Abuse, (Louisville, John Knox Press 1989). This book, by James Leehan, discusses the dynamics of the survivor in abusive relationships, and suggests systematic pastoral counseling approaches.*

Pastoral Care with Adolescents in Crisis, (Louisville, John Knox Press, 1989).  This book, by Wade G. Rowatt, Jr., has an excellent general discussion of adolescents in crisis, as well as development issues which are specific to this age group.  The author details methods for pastoral counseling of adolescents and families.  In the chapter on principles of caring, the author develops the principles of counseling which are central to the task of counseling youth such as respect, durability, flexibility, understanding, confidentiality, and sexual transference.*

Pastoral Care Emergencies (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2000) - David K. Switzer discusses what constitutes care, and the human condition which requires learning to care and to accept care.  He also discusses how we are to respond to persons in various situational crisis.  There is a section on Child Abuse, however, it addresses the abuser more than the abused.*

Counseling Troubled Teens & Their Families: Andrew Weaver, John D. Preston, and Leigh W. Jerome's handbook for Pastors and Youth Workers, (Nashville, Abingdon Press, 1999).  This is an excellent handbook and reference.  The introduction background information about the special considerations that we need to keep in mind when dealing with youth.  Adolescent development is discussed as is many of the obstacles to health and wholeness.  The balance of the book is a rich collection of  case studies in Addictions, Violence, Family Crisis, Grief and Depression, Other disorders and problems facing teens.   The final part deals with collaboration with mental health specialist, which reminds us that we are not in this alone.*

*  References above are available at Reeves Library at Moravian Theological Seminary