Ethics and Morals

Teaching Your Children Values - This book by Linda and Richard Eyre contains a month by month program which is full of suggestions for activities that a family can use to pass on their values to their children.  The book also serves as a good source for object lessons and is full of nuggets that can serve as meditation thoughts for Vespers or formal worship with the boys.  The book is also a good reference to have for parents.  The book is more secular in its approach to the subject.

Where Is Moses when We Need Him?: Teaching Your Kids the 10 Values That Matter Most  - This book, by Bill and Kathy Peel, is one of the best sources I have found to integrate the teachings of the Ten Commandments.   The book is full of sermon starters ideas, and is just really good reading for anyone who is concerned about youth.  This goes for Chaplains and Parents alike.   I recommend this book.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers - This book, by Sean Covey, uses the timeless 7 habits and applies them to teenagers who face tough issues and life changing decisions.  The book is full of entertaining stories which are really effective at getting the meaning across.  This book is a must read for teenagers, parents, and others who care deeply about teenagers.

Object Lessons for Every Occasion - This book, by Sheryl Bruinsma, has 33 different object lesson suggestions.  The book contains object lessons for very young, elementary, and older children.  Some of the object lessons are Christian, but some are easily used in Inter-Faith settings as well.  Even if you never use any of the object lessons directly from the book, it is a valuable resource to get starter ideas.   I have used this to find sermon starters for both Boy Scouts, and Children Sermons in the Church setting.  Check this one out!